Sankar Bheemarasetty  

I am studying Distributed software systems at Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt. Completed my Bachelors degree in Information Technology at VIT University, India. Later, worked at Tata Consultancy Services as Systems Engineer in SAP Labs, Bangalore (Client). Being a student, I also worked as a Student Assistant at Ponttec GmbH and at Department of Mathematics, TU Darmstadt.

I am currently researching on wide area of topics such as Distrubuted Systems, Security, Data Analysis, Web and Mobile applications. Also, I am always fascinated on User experience (UI, UX), New technologies and Open source.

I write articles sometimes - MyBlog. I always love experiments and interesting projects. Projects such as CVtwink, LoveCurrency inspires to explore more. Currently on, DoctorPortal and GreatMinds. More details at Experiments.

People call it hobbies: Photography (, , ), Painting. Loves Travelling and likes Music.

Do you want to hear my Music ?

Few detailed things/teams/tasks/topics I have done at work locations:

Der Fachbereich Mathematik an der TU Darmstadt:
* Scripting and Automation for most of the server activities in shell.
* Implementation of Backup scripts such as s-backup, Implementation of check_mk monitoring system.
* Development of custom scripts, internal scripting for automation such as Ubuntu installation, etc.

Ponttec GmbH, Langen:
* EFRIS(ERP & MES platform) - Mobile application, API design and development, Modules development.
* All servers setup and maintainance, Implementation of monitoring systems, SSLs, Web Servers, scripting in shell, backups, etc.
* Small Magento developments/Maintainance activities for and in past for Mistvapor.
* Developed websites such as Ponttec GmbH with a custom design & developed CMS from scratch.

SAP Labs, Bangalore: SAP Business ByDesign Operations (Provisioning, System setup), SAP Cloud Operations (Groundwork & ZABBIX Monitoring setup and experiments, Scripts in Shell, Python and Perl), SAP Successfactors Operations (SAP JAM Product operations)